AWWF Disabled Training Camp 2012

Well I couldn’t have thought of a better place to be on a late November weekend than the 2012 National training camp at Stoney Park!  Nine skiers including myself were at the event which by all accounts was an overwhelming success.

The adventure for me started at 8:45 am on Friday morning when I met Scott at Yatala, just south of Brisbane.  After a short discussion about where we were going to stop for rests etc we decided to take the inland route – after all there were way too many road works on the coastal road and going inland would have to be much quicker. Well… at least that’s what we thought! Ten and a half hours later with the sun going down and Scott a little concerned with the fact that his fuel light had been on for about an hour we reached Wauchope just outside Port Macquarie!

With us all now at the camp we were ready to start skiing! Saturday morning came and the weather was great, training started at 8:00am with Slalom first up followed by Jump. After a few loose starts everyone found their form and from what I could see did pretty well, as I’m new to this sport I find it great to be able to watch some of the more experienced skiers and rack their brains for tips and tricks!

Saturday night Noel and Halina put on a great BBQ for us to enjoy, there we swapped stories on the day that had just been.  Sunday I awoke a bit nervous – it was my first time over the jump and I was first up!  I actually landed my fist jump but let go of the rope thinking my job was done and I’d done it!  Second time around was a bit different – I hit the ramp on a bit of an angle and ended up leaving the ramp at 90 degrees! The rest of Sunday was spent with a combination of Slalom and Jump. By the afternoon everyone was feeling the effects of 2 days of skiing and was ready for our last night at Stoney Park.

I’d just like to personally thank Noel for all the organising and behind the scenes work he has put in and all the skiers for been so supportive and accommodating. He even had a crack at a sit ski (see pic below).

Special mention must also go to Glen, Mark and Jackie for helping us move everything around the dock too! Lastly our driver Karl and coach Kohe who were a great laugh and made the weekend very enjoyable.

I’m already looking forward to Bushy’s in March 2013!

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Glen McMurtrie

AWWF Disabled Training Camp 2011

A Disabled Training Camp was held at Stoney Park, Port Macquarie over the weekend 26/27 Nov. The training covered slalom, jump and trick. There were several new skiers in attendence. Big thanks to Stoney Park for accommodating us, Al for the great coaching and Billy for the great driving skills in windy conditions. Full story coming soon with pictures…

AWWF Disabled Training Camp 2010

A National Training Camp for Disabled Water Skiers was held at Stoney Park over the weekend 27/28 Nov. There was a very good turnout of 13 skiers with participants coming from NT, Qld, NSW, Vic & Tas plus a number of volunteer helpers. Those attending included a vision impaired skier, one Arm/Leg skier, and 11 sit skiers. Of these, 5 were new members being introduced to the slalom course and jump for the first time.

The Stoney Park Crew of Jason, Sinead, Anissa and Kim were all very supportive of the camp and Al Vickers did a great job of coaching over the two days.

Weather was a bit ordinary with some rain and wind but otherwise manageable. All managed at least 4 sets over the weekend with coaching in all three events. The new sit skiers were all very keen on the jump and it was fabulous to watch each of the new jumpers ski away from their first successful jump to the applause of all the onlookers.

“Kamikazi” Jamie was a bit of a worry trying to jump standing up with one arm and one leg and after 6 crashes gave it away.

All in all a very successful camp and all are looking forward to another one next year.
My thanks to all the helpers (partners, family and friends), Al and the Stoney Park Crew.

The following is a report from one of the new sit skiers.

Disabled Water Ski Training Camp
Port Macquarie, NSW

On the 26th & 27th of November I attended my first Disabled Water Ski Training camp. After the 10 hour drive from Dalby in Queensland it was great to rock up at the biggest ski park I have ever seen. Upon arrival, Noel Dix greeted us & showed us around.

Friday afternoon was spent meeting all the skiers that had travelled to the event as well as our coach for the weekend, Alan. It was great to see people that have travelled so far for the event, like Cam from Tasmania & Cain from Darwin.

On Saturday the training kicked off at 8.30am. Tricking was first up as the weather was windy with the odd shower. After lunch some people did slalom & others hit the jump for the first time which was great to see. Attached is a picture of me going over the jump for the second time on Sunday morning. I am happy to report there were no casualties.

Thanks to Noel & Halina for putting on a great BBQ for all to enjoy on Saturday night. Sunday morning most of us were pretty sore. The day started with jump because the weather was a lot better. It finished with slalom after lunch. It was great to watch the more experienced skiers like Scott Wintle & Darryl Hoyle carve up the water & show us how it is done. I’m pretty sure everybody had an awesome weekend & would hope for another one soon. Thanks to Noel for everything he has done. Thanks also to Alan, Scott & Darryl for teaching us & driving the boat and everybody who helped move gear around and supplied skis. The weekend would not be possible without you!

By Ian Hickmott